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January 28, 2015


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February is African American History Month and Ray students work on a variety of really wonderful projects which go on display for the evening event February 11. Mark your calendars! Check the Ray School website and get the Ray enews for the latest details.

We begin the second half the the school year on February 2nd. Students in my room are expected to give their best effort AT ALL TIMES. Being organized and responsible pretty much takes care of that! The only piece left is RESPECT. If the students respect the learning environment Рwhich includes the teacher, the materials and the other students Рall is well. The good habits of always bringing homework back and reading EVERY DAY will reap great rewards!

I know I sound like a preacher! I thank parents for all their support and I thank students for asking questions and making me work hard!

January 16, 2015

JAN. 20 – 23, 2015

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We are closing in on the half-way mark in the school year. January 29 is the end of the second quarter. Students have Friday the 30th off while teachers work in the building.
It’s not too late to work hard and improve those grades. READING LOG means reading at home at least 20 minutes EVERY day of the week! Completing and returning HOMEWORK is simple. DO IT! Give your best effort in class and focus on the teacher, not distractions, – AND YOU’VE GOT AN A!
511 students will be taking the NWEA MAPS tests this week and that is a score that is looked at OFTEN. Students will be in small groups in the computer lab. The Math test will be read aloud individually to each student. The best thing I can say here is that students need to have better stamina for taking this test. Often they give up when it seems long. They must think it doesn’t matter – but it does!

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