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February 19, 2014

HELLO community of room 511!

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We are working hard as we head into March. March means ISAT testing. It begins March 4 and it will be finished March 7. That’s a change from past years where we gave one test each morning and continued for two weeks. This year, we will give a Reading test in the morning and a Math test in the afternoon. (or vice versa) Thanks in advance for sending your children to bed early and encouraging them to work hard on the tests.

Parents – please send a note if your child cannot complete the homework. Homework is not optional. It requires organization and discipline. It reinforces what was taught during the day. If it seems like there is extra HW or too much, it’s because the students are not working as hard as they should all day. Unfinished work from the lesson becomes homework. I expect my students to give their best effort all the time. A valid excuse should be a rare thing. I’m hearing excuses every day!

If you’re reading this blog, you accessed the Ray School website so you can see a calendar for meetings and days off. The day off for students that was set for March 28 is now an attendance day. The next day off is APRIL 14! Spring break.

February 3, 2014


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We made it to February but winter is still making some things very difficult. Let’s distract ourselves by focusing our attention on the school work! Really – hit the books.

As I’ve said, my expectations are raised now that we’re in the second half the the school year. Students must read 20 minutes every day. I’m giving points for CLASS PARTICIPATION. 0=F, 5=C, 10=A. (nothing in between) Students get 10 points for listening and putting forth best effort. Similarly, HOMEWORK will receive 0s for no name and for any thing that is incomplete. (ALWAYS – parents may call, text, email, write a note if there is a reason HW couldn’t get done.)

The African American History research and writing project is starting. The rubric and checklists will come home today, February 3. I expect much of the writing and rewriting to be done at home. I can provide time on computers and with library books here at school but any additional research done with parents would be that much better. As I always say, research on the internet is tricky and students have to learn it is not reliable. They have to be able to discriminate among ALL the sites up on the web. The Chicago Public Library has good research links on their website.

All for now. Please do look at other teachers’ blogs and stay tuned for announcements. NO SCHOOL ON WEDNESDAY next week. FEBRUARY 12 is Lincoln’s birthday!

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