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December 9, 2013

December 9 – 13

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Two full weeks of school – THEN two full weeks of vacation.  So let’s get the work done now!

Progress Reports will be sent home on Wednesday the 11th.  These are also called “midterms” – half of a grading period, between report cards, maybe a reminder to work for that “A” for the report card.

If it’s too cold for the students to go outside for recess, they go to the auditorium after lunch and sit for 20 minutes – with supervision.  Of course, this may not be playground-fun but we learn to live with these inconveniences in the Chicago winter.  Time to read, draw, talk to a friend.

In MATH we are looking at fractions and decimals again – from a new angle.  We review decimal place value and rounding. And we look at CIRCLE graphs as a way to represent data.

in WRITING we continue to work on the “G.U.M.” – grammar, usage, mechanics that make up the editing phase of written expression. Using APOSTROPHES to show possession is a little like following a legal rule – is the owner singular or plural???

There are just two things on the “Wish List” for room 511.  We need tissue and pencils.  Thank you very much.

You are the best parents for backing me up on everything!  Thanks.



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