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February 24, 2013


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This is an exciting week with the culmination of African American History Month. The annual Gallery Walk, Poetry Slam and Potluck will be on Thursday the 28th from 4:30 -7:30. (If you read MY blog, you should also read the PTA enews. Please sign up for their weekly emails. You’ll be “in the know” then!) Come and take a walk through the Ray School Gallery. Each classroom will feature student projects in the hallways and they are very interesting and unique – truly the best of the Ray community. Room 210 is looking through newspapers, magazines and other periodicals to find current event coverage of African American stories.

We also continue to prepare for ISATs which start the following Monday!

REMINDER — Students are dismissed at 12:15 on Wednesday the 27th this week.

February 18, 2013

FEBRUARY 18 – 22

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Happy Birthday George Washington! He is called the Father of our country yet he and Martha never had any children of their own.

We have such a variety of work to do – African American History Month activities, ISAT preparation, Science, Social Studies, Art, Music, Language Arts, Reading Decoding program, Math! It’s all interesting and students just need to focus and put forth their best effort.

Thanks for all your help with homework.

Reminder: — Next Wednesday, Feb. 27 is early dismissal for the students – 12:15!

February 11, 2013


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We begin the second half of the the school year with those special February holidays and events – Lincoln’s birthday holiday, preparation for ISAT, unpredictable weather, and African American History Month. Did I forget Lunar New Year?

Thank you for all your encouragement and support with homework. I promise there won’t be any during Spring Break! (Last week of March.)

February 3, 2013

February 4 – 8

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Look at the happy students with Ms. Cargould, our wonderful student teacher. Don’t know how Ohio is getting along without her!

Students had a three-day weekend with February 1 off. We’ll all get February 12 off for Lincoln’s birthday – that’s a TUESDAY! (President’s Day on February 18 is regular attendance.) Then the month ends with an early dismissal day, February 27th. Soooo, let’s make sure we work hard and do our very best every day of this short month.

This is what we have to do:
African American History Month Projects

ISAT (begins March 4) preparation – which means covering some curriculum early. If Probability comes last in the Math book, but it’s on the test in four weeks, we had better jump ahead to preview and teach those topics.

Science Vocabulary for 4th graders. FLASHCARDS to the rescue. In the video, “The Big Picture, Rethinking Dyslexia”, almost all the highly successful individuals interviewed said they relied on the flashcards they made to get though school. A lawyer said she could never keep up with her classmates in reading speed but she was fine relying on her other strengths.

It’s always great to know I can call parents whenever there’s a question, problem or good news! Thanks so much for your support.

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