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January 27, 2013

Goodbye January — Hello February!

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Victory is not at the finish line – it’s being at the starting line.

This is a short week. Students are off on Friday; teachers have professional development at school. Additionally, I will be out on Thursday for a Multisensory Group meeting. A substitute teacher will cover my class and I have no worries because our student teacher, Ms. Cargould has fit right in and is well-liked by the students. She is a natural teacher. We are very lucky!

So – we finished the MAPS testing and are ready to tackle new material in Math. Geometry!
In Science, the 4th graders are studying Electricity. In Social Studies, Regions of the United States is the focus. [check Mr. Perez’ blog. We join his 4th grade classroom.]

It’s amazing how fast our school day goes and I always have parts of the lesson plan that just don’t get done. I always expect to write everyday. The students have cursive workbooks for 10 minutes daily practice and we have a computer program (FASTTMATH) which is also meant to be a 10 minute daily routine. I want to read aloud and have thoughtful discussions. I want to have time for field trips and learning games!  So you can imagine how I feel with THREE days to teach this week!!!

Thanks so much for reading my blog.  I also plan to post some pictures this week!!

January 22, 2013

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Quitters never win and winners never quit.

I hope everyone had a lovely long weekend and celebrated the Martin Luther King holiday and watched the Innaguration for Social Studies.

Our class will take the winter MAPS test this week. It’s two tests, given individually on the computer. The students have to manage the Reading on their own but with extra time allotted. The entire Math can be read to them. This also tests the student’s endurance. As long as they keep getting answers correct, the computer provides more questions that are slightly more difficult. I’ve always seen the kids getting tired and bored and asking how much longer they have to test. It is important to tell them to try their best and it could be an opportunity to define the word “STAMINA”!

January 14, 2013

January 14 – 18

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Never give up on anyone.

Hello Parents!
We are reviewing all the math we can in preparation for the MAPS (Measures of Academic Progress) next week. The Math test can be read to the students but not the Reading.  Students should try to do the best they can.

Homework this week will include SIGHT WORD practice. Remember, SIGHT words don’t follow phonetic rules so they just have to be read, “ON SIGHT!” All the help you can give is greatly appreciated.

Room 210 will be getting a student teacher this week. Ms Rebecca Cargould is excited to be joining the Ray community. More info to come on this development.

Lastly, Social Studies topics include complex lessons on economic systems and U.S. government but I noticed that my students are not sure what is a city and what is a state when I say, “Dallas”, or “Pennsylvania”, for example. I hope we can make it fun to learn this kind of geography in class but if you have any games or books or videos at home, that would be great. We learn best when we can connect new information to something we already know OR to something personal. So, talk to your children about cities and states especially those you care most about.


Ms. Kane

January 7, 2013

January 7 – 11, 2013

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Become the most positive and enthusiastic person you know.

It was good to be back for two days last week because got warmed up and are really ready to learn today!

Each student wrote three resolutions for the new year. Without any prompting, they included, “I will listen to the teacher” and “I will learn more” and “Write more”.

In Math, 4th graders are working with decimals.

Our read-aloud is The Education of Little Tree by Forrest Carter. We alternate fiction and non-fiction. Little Tree is fiction and takes us far away to living off the land in the mountains.

Thanks for your support.

January 3, 2013


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I hope everyone had a restful break and looks forward to a new year full of learning. We will have a new schedule. Copies will come home as soon as possible.
4th graders will be diving into decimals in math.
My bulletin board for January will show three resolutions for the new year from each student. So far, we have, “I will listen to the teacher,” and “I will not complain.”   I’m excited!
Stay warm and read, read, read, read, read, read,….

Thanks for all your support.

Ms. Kane

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