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October 7, 2012

Week of October 8.

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This week includes PICTURE DAYThursday, October 11. Please send the payment with the envelope that shows the package you chose.

ATTENTION!  –  Half day of school on WEDNESDAY this week.  Dismissal at 12:15

First FIELD TRIP coming up on Friday, October 26.  $11 for the CHICAGO SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA!

We will continue to rev up our math vocabulary as well as review and add to our knowledge of time and money.
With the upcoming election we are going to study the topic of PRESIDENTS. This will be the first time this school year for a research project. I want to emphasize that the internet can be wonderful for research, however, BE WARY – students must learn which websites are completely trustworthy. More details coming.
This year I had the idea to alternate reading aloud a fiction book one week and a non-fiction book the next week. Everyone loves read alouds! We discuss vocabulary, main ideas, styles of writing. We make connections to the text – from personal experience, from other texts we’ve read, and from knowledge we have about the world.  We support our opinions with evidence from the text.
It’s been really hard to find enough time to finish the books we start. We are already behind almost two weeks! PLEASE, read with your children at home. I told my students they can borrow books from my room if someone will read with them. Twenty minutes is the minimum – 30 minutes is better. Read, read, read. If my students are not reading independently at or above their grade level, they doesn’t mean they can’t comprehend at or above their grade level. They need that exposure to literature – ANYTHING they like, and whatever nonfiction interests them. ENJOY!

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