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October 2, 2012


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This week’s title is the first line of an old poem. Some things, you never forget!
Room 210 students are working hard to stay focused. We have to finish some beginning-of-the-year testing so that we make sure everyone makes good (or great) progress. We expect more of students at each new grade level. I am pushing them to push themselves. I would like to see the best EFFORT they can possible give. Thanks for the reinforcement at home.

HEAD’S UP on a FIELD TRIP – 4th graders are going to the Chicago Symphony on Friday October 26. The cost will be $11.

Topics this week:
Math – Problem solving, thinking about how to solve problems different ways. Vocabulary! If we know the “in” words, we’re in the know!           Radius? Diameter? Sum? Product?

Writer’s workshop –  Students listed 10 personal goals for the school year.  Then they had to choose one and write a paragraph.  I hope they are learning to “talk” to themselves, ask themselves questions as they write.  “Why did I choose this goal?”  “How would I achieve this goal?” Then, answer the questions in writing.  REMEMBER, writing is all about REVISING.  It can’t come out perfect at first.  We get our thoughts together, get our thoughts down on paper, and go back over to edit, add details, keep improving.

I have been pleased with the HOMEWORK that comes back.  Thanks always for your help.  NOTE: If there is any time your child can’t get the homework done on a school night, I would understand but I ask that a parent or guardian write me a note.  I don’t want the student to tell me.  Also, let me know if you think your child needs MORE homework (or more difficult homework)!!!?!?!??

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