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July 12, 2012


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If you check this blog over the summer give yourself 5 stars!
I’m just finishing up summer school and looking at moving all my “stuff” back into the room after they wax the floor. I was looking at the supplies in the cabinet and decided to put this EARLY request out. Most of all, I want to list the items we DON’T need.
We have plenty of hand sanitizer, glue, crayons, colored pencils, even markers.
The room really needs tissue and paper towels (maybe three from each student should be fine).

The students really need pencils, folders, and so important to our system – a notebook that your child will WANT to write in as a journal. This is key. Your child will be required to write every day! Even if his or her journal is loose leaf paper in a plain binder, that’s fine. The commitment to keep writing can’t be sidetracked by “this notebook is ugly” or “my notebook fell apart”.  Remember, even if I take their words down with the pencil in my hand, it’s still their writing. They are responsible for the editing and revision.

Our classroom does not have a chalkboard but a dry erase board. Last year we were always lacking dry erase markers. Not on the supply list right now – just keep it in mind if you see a clearance. Thanks for all your help.

I know how much money gets spent on Back to School Supplies.  We don’t need a lot of “stuff” and we definitely don’t need toys disguised as school supplies.  I’d rather you spend your money on museum events, plays, any performances that interest your family.  NOT that there aren’t tons of free things happening in Chicago.  Take advantage of the library and Park District offerings.  That’s my sermon for the day.




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