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April 23, 2012


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Thank you to all 210 parents for coming to Report Card Pick-up. We have five full weeks before the next day off – Memorial Day.  This is when we can really enjoy learning because we’ve got so many skills in place.

This week in MATH we’ll start a new unit on GEOMETRY which includes measuring and drawing angles. There is a LOT of vocabulary to learn and we’ll make it fun with music and movement.  Homework will include simple quizes on ABBREVIATIONS for some measurement terms. (pound = lb. – always a question)

We continue to enjoy and write POETRY every day in April, National Poetry Month.

Third graders are learning about CHICAGO HISTORY and fourth grade is looking at REGIONS OF THE UNITED STATES and the differences in HISTORY for each region.

Third graders should be working on their SPANISH projects at home. Hope it’s fun.

Thanks again for all your support and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions.

April 15, 2012

A 4-day week for students.

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A Field Trip to Kenwood Academy on Tuesday.
A new quarter – THE LAST for fourth grade, THE LAST for third grade. Here’s how I see it — THE OPPORTUNITY
— to push ourselves!
— to build towers on what we’ve learned so far,
— to dig deeper into our brains for greater understanding,
— to get the most out of practicing for the 3rd grade play,
— to write EVERY DAY without fail,
— to look around our community and try something new,
— to be good friends, citizens, sons, and students.
It will be June 15 before we know it. Let’s have a great end of this school year.

*Tuesday’s walking FIELD TRIP to Kenwood Academy means we bring our lunch from home and eat outside if the weather is nice. Parents are welcome to join us. We start walking at 11:15 and for a concert that begins at 12:00. We arrive back at Ray by 1:30.

*REPORT CARD PICK-UP and PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCES are Wednesday, April 18 from 12:00 noon until 6:30.

On our academic calendar this week, we will continue studying POETRY and finish up the MEASUREMENT UNIT in MATH. Because we’ve covered so many topics in MATH, I’ll be starting every MATH class with a 5-minute review of four random problems that should be done independently. If I see that the students have forgotten, some review work may come home for homework.

SOCIAL STUDIES will continue to include study of the HISTORY of the Regions of the United States. The 3rd graders will have a PROJECT for SPANISH. I can help with the Spanish but it’s supposed to be done at HOME! SO Parents, get ready to learn about an animal habitat in a Spanish speaking country.

As always, thank you for all your help with homework and for getting your students to school by 8:55 and for watching educational shows on TV together!

April 8, 2012

It’s April!

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Welcome back. I hope everyone had a lovely Spring Break.
This is a four-day week for students; there are no classes on Friday, April 13.

What’s new to learn this week?

Poetry – appreciation and writing.

More Math measurements – liquid and volume.

Social Studies will focus on states and regions with a look at history.

***All third graders will begin practicing once a week  for the famous “Chicago History Show”. The exact date has not been set (early June and we’ll let you know as soon as we know) but my students will practice every Friday from 9:30 – 10:30.  This is a great opportunity to learn performance skills from a professional, Ms. August Tye.

The most important thing to do at home is READ, EVERYTHING and ANYTHING. Encourage your children to talk about whatever you read and remind them that they are also writers.

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